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Feb 6, 2013 6:00am PST
described as a china based packers. the new york times and the washington post also reported that their computer systems were also briefed and similar incidents, while a bloomberg news says that it managed to deflect a hacking a temp. south korean fire officials say that a man suffers burns after the battery from his samsung smart phone caught fire in his trouser pockets. the lithium ion battery was not end of the phone when it caught fire, such matters are quick to charge but they are prone to overheat. the man suffered second-degree burns. the battery was from a 2011 galaxy note phone. this is the second reported time in south korea that is samsung smart phone battery has caught fire. the batteries are also behind the world wide grounding of the boeing 787 spirit >> no more snail mail on saturday. the u.s. postal service says that the changes will not start until august, which will save the postal service about $2 billion a year. we also have the comments that some of you have posted. >> sherrill says, " seems to meet stopping job mail and catalogs would cut 95% of their de
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
companies financially are able to do this and it can be a reality. >> they were getting lucky because china's labour force is getting paid more. a lot of the jobs of started to come back to the united states because it is cheaper. >> let's talk about g e and there deal with comcast. comcast announced that they will buy from ge. >> i a.m. teen because comcast became teen when nbc stated the they were born to sale to comcast. comp test which is a cable company behind contents of nbc, yes, they own the cable industry all across the nation. they can distribute what they want. this is a deal that we all expected to happen weather was ledger or this year. this is no big surprise for me. >> always worry about them having the cable, but are they going to dig about wireless? >> comcast, i think are universal and there mtc. at nbc has had the worst ratings. >> it is 6:50 a.m.. we are taking a live look at a great start in san francisco. we're looking at a pretty nice day. >> the morning and daria, let's take a look at conditions outside. there is plenty of sunshine above and we do have cloud cover ou
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
as? apple is a little weaker today and not hiring across china i eat not making a lot of product right now. >> is apple oversold right now? >> it feels like the civil war. there are no winners. later this month the board of directors meeting might be active for the stock. new product, is been months since a new product has been out. we need something soon from apple to feed our intellectual curiosity. >> thank you route, we will check back with you later on today for winners and losers on wall street. >> after some rain and snow and the bay area is much higher this morning. it's called the the chilly air has that and. stamford's is go on the left and walnut creek and san jose on the right. >> it is very frigid out there, we have a couple of spots in the upper 20s right now. a cold start, bring your sweater. temperatures will top out in the upper 50s may be low 60s this afternoon. it will be mild and kind of crisp out there but plenty of sunshine however. temperatures will drop as we head into later on tonight and to the 40's. expect another frigid evening. temperatures right now
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
of china as part of a research program. according to the zoo, it's believed there are only 16- hundred giant pandas left in the wild still ahead on the kron four morning news. the niners are one day closer to the super bowl. we'll be checking in with kron four's will tran in just a few minutes. plus, it is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state, we'll hear what she has to say about her time with the obama administration. and we are watching the weather and traffic this morning. we'll be checking in janu who has a look at our forecast, as well as george who is watching our morning commute. we'll be right back on the kron four morning news. (music) (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. there is an amber or work in place. top stories we are following this friday, february first. clear skies and mild conditions this evening. taking a look at temperatures pretty similar. mid 40's we will take a look at where temperatures are headed. and traffic with george. >> a good start with no hot spots light traffic. your quick commute check interstate 58
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
x flights. the airline primarily serves china, taiwan, japan, south korea and australia. airline executives call the " quiet zones " a " heavily package for those who want peace of mind. " you will pay between about 11 and $36 for the privilege. >> san francisco transit officials are hoping a new " private " bus stop at van ness and union street will help ease the traffic on the commute hours. the stock is for private shuttles' offering service to companies like google, apple, and gememtecj/ this will be the second bus stop of its kind in the city. there is already won their eighth and market street. muni is hoping stocks like these will keep private commuter shuttles from blocking new buses during the commute. california's highest court is scheduled to hear arguments today on whether local governments can band retail pot this does and there is within their borders. about two largest cities and counties be the first time the state supreme court will consider the issue. medical marijuana activist say that state law allows local governments to set limits on them. >> we will take a
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am PST
's actions at drawn sharp condemnation from all corners even china, the north only real ally. >> the time is 558 and at the nhl lockout that canceled nearly half of the season and left many hockey fans disgruntled did not stop the leak from raising their ticket prices by nearly 6%. it was already scheduled. that is the largest increase of any of the four major sports. on average it now costs more to see an nhl game than an nba or and lb gain. only the nfl has higher average ticket prices that the nhl. the average c and h gate nhl game will cost you $61 vs $51 for the nba at $27 for the major-league baseball. an average nfl to go for $77. >> to test flights of boeing 787 dream liner have not revealed the cause of the battery mall functions that grounded the jets. more tests are planned. boeing is now considering putting the lithium ion batteries in its third year container to stop heat, flames and toxic chemicals from escaping bad power packs or heat. the 50 dreamliner is a commercial service were grounded worldwide january 16th after a series of battery related incidents including a fire
Feb 26, 2013 4:00am PST
. but this man in china went nuts and now this video is by road, take a look. he was with his family and already missed his flight not once but twice because they were eating lunch at another time they didn't hear last call for boarding. you can see him as losing it because he missed his flight again while going through security. it turns out he has a high ranking chinese official and later apologized and even said he would pay for the damages. you can see, they're kind of just standing there. i'm surprised that security did not come in my cam down but once again he is a high- ranking official. what do you think? have you ever been as frustrated or felt his pain? share your comments with us on the kron4 facebook page. >> let you said it was his fault. he was having lunch and he didn't hear the call. >> the online voting to name to those two newest and tiniest mons is over. the winner it is low cit is vulcan,e suggested by actor william shatner who played captain kirk and the original star trek tv series. all the potential names had come from greek or roman mythology and deal with the underworld.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7